Monday, 12 December 2011

Entering the Regina System

There is a sudden bright flash and as it fades you can see that the grey monotony of jumpspace has been replaced by a bright starscape.

Scanners confirm that you have entered the Regina System. The Regina System is a triple star system around a white main sequence star, Lusor. The primary has five planets, two of them gas giants. One of the companion stars, the red main sequence star, Darida, has four planets, one a gas giant. Including moons, there are no less than thirteen inhabited worlds in the system.

The main world Regina is the most distant moon in orbit around the gas giant Assiniboa, the fifth planet in orbit around Lusor. Assiniboa has five moons in total, all inhabited. Aside from Regina the most populated are the farming colony Brumaire and Harcourt controlled by the
Imperial Navy.