Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Regina Credo Down Arrival

You come into land above a large starport, next to a sprawling city on the shores of a blue ocean. A number of other spacecraft are taking off and landing, and everywhere all over the city gravcars flit, and fill the skies in long traffic lines. A number of high towers and skyscrapers punctuate the cityscape, some maybe a kilometer high.

The starport itself has several landing areas, some little clusters of landing pads for larger vessels, others lines of landing pads for smaller craft.

Once you have locked on to the traffic control system, there is little to do but follow the guidlines for your flight path projected as a Heads Up Display on to your viewscreen, accompanied by the reassuring chatter for your space traffic control, first asking to hold position, then clearing you for landing, and then guiding you down to your landing pad.