Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Guide to Credo............................... Regina/Regina

Credo is a city with a population of xxx million, and is capital of the world of Regina, and so also effectively the capital of the Regina subsector.

The starport lies to the west of the city, and at its gates stands the Traveller's Aid Society, one of the largest facilities of its kind in the subsector, and including salons, lounges, bars, restaurants and a twenty storey hotel for members of this prestigeous Society. The Starport is bordered to the south by the dockyard area, in which lies the headquarters of the General Products megacorporation, and to the east by Credo's commercial port and Startown. To the west lies the Imperial Naval Base, and to the north the Imperial Scout base, and a little beyond that Regina's main passenger grav liner port.

Credo's Startown is a cosmopolitan, bustling area of shipbrokers, bars and cheap starfarer's hotels. To the north of the area is a business district which includes the headquarters of Turkera Lines, Sharurshid and the Oberlindes Corporation.

East of Startown lies the Tristar district, a mixed cosmopolitan area favoured by city workers and young professionals. Further east again is the Downtown area, the commercial centre of the city. The absolute centre of the city is considered Voltaire Plaza, a large paved open space surrounded by shops, restaurants, theatres and other entertainment centres. To the west of Voltaire Plaza is the commercial area, home to Credo's tallest building, the Sternmetal Horizon tower.